Monday, 2 July 2012

Discovering Otome games

  To those of you who don't know what otome games are, here's a simple definition: it's a dating game that's intended for female audiences. Voltage Inc.'s My Forged Wedding is a visual novel, an otome game.

 Before I discovered My Forged Wedding, I tried to play an online otome game My Candy Love. I got bored way too fast with its lack of depth. Stereotypical characters aren't for me. Or maybe there really was nothing much to chew on. But what bored me the most is that you lose action points fast. To keep people waiting is a good way to increase suspense. But making people wait too long makes bored and angry people.

  My Forged Wedding is a refreshing one. You would have to pay $4.99 for each route. I can assure you it would be well worth it.

    There are two possible endings in each route: Happy Ending or Super Happy Ending. You won't go empty-handed. You would get the guy (the Super Happy Ending would have the hot ending of course >'wink'<). Just like the essentials of a dating game, you have to pick the right lines to say in order to win. Either way, you would still get a happy ending with your man candy.

     Now.. on to the first guy I chose (yes, I finished the first story - I shall give you some walkthroughs >'grin'<).

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