Thursday, 24 January 2013

Yuta Kajima Walkthrough

It is and it is not what you would have expected. Either way, it is a very sweet route. Unlike the other stories I picked before Yuta's, this took place in what seemed like months after you arrived in the city. It is unbelievable but all the same, there is a possibility it could happen: You and Yuta are to co-star in a reality tv show. Won't say no more ^^

I particularly love his sister, Lily. The ending was cute and like most romantic stories, very cheesy. Yuta easily became my favorite guy (naturally I adore the other guys.. but...). You will see a lot of his serious sides (and some slightly mature parts too >'wink'<) and you will love him, too.. I'm sure of it!

His personality: Yuta seems carefree and because of his childishness, you might think he is incapable of handling responsibility. The reverse is true. He is strong willed, serious, and at times, quite sneaky ;) nahh, he's a sweetheart. A real keeper ^^

Your Choices: 28
  1. Ask them to join
  2. Continue to look in to his eyes
  3. Don't invite him
  4. Let's work hard together
  5. Have Yuta put it on
  6. Put it on for him
  7. Show them you're better than they think!
  8. You're too nice...
  9. Taking a walk
  10. There is a full of memories [hmm kinda made sense]
  11. We're married
  12. Flowers
  13. Back to be a strong wife.
  14. Be patient
  15. Do it yourself
  16. Stay
  17. Have fun
  18. "Right?" Joke that he's right
  19. Don't ask
  20. Wait
  21. You should go
  22. Look away because it hurts
  23. Wipe it
  24. Let him sleep
  25. Let him know
  26. Ask
  27. I believe in you
  28. I'm fine

I still blush when I see this..

Kya!!! XD His blushing face is really adorable

More blushing (yes, on Yuta's route):

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