Friday, 10 August 2012

Ren Shibasaki Walkthrough

   The post came waaaaaay later.. thanks to my laziness. I have finished all the (hot) main stories so more walkthroughs are comin' soon ^^

   Ren's story is a quite unrealistic. He is a prince from a small country yet he has a Japanese name. Ren is an adorable character in contrast to his constant silence. He's neither zoning out nor ignoring you. You might think it's impossible to get along with him unless you like silent, mysterious men. He hardly talks and he wears a blank face, at first. He's easy to read if you continue through the chapters. His route is an easy one :) Oh and he might seem innocent but don't be fooled, he is actually mature in that department. You know what I mean.

His personality: He won't say much but watch his expressions. There are times when you don't need words. Be honest to him. Broccoli is his enemy. Quite the pervert but not in a bad way.

Your Choices:
  1. Wait for him to look away
  2. Hold it yourself
  3. "Do you hate me?"
  4. Chop the onion
  5. Hide under the blanket
  6. Hold his arm
  7. "Are you sure you want to lie?"
  8. Turn your face
  9. "Morning, sweetie."
  10. My policy
  11. Laugh it off
  12. Sit
  13. Thanks
  14. This is normal
  15. "Blockhead"
  16. "Thank you for waiting for me."
  17. "Of course I'll go!"
  18. "Thank you for helping my fiancee..."
  19. I want you to prioritize yourself
  20. Keep quiet
  21. Talk to the citizens
  22. Squeeze his hand
  23. Just smile
  24. "Don't look sad."
  25. Why are you asking this?
  26. Stand in front of Ren.
  27. Did the best to smile
  28. Let him know

I thought this is funny...

..but I still think this is hilarious. It's always the quiet guys.. or so they say ;)

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