Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Takamasa Saeki Walkthrough

Be warned, you'll never know what he thinks about you (soooo true!!!). Saeki's route is the toughest. He is very straightforward but the story is surprisingly mild. I was reluctant to choose him at the beginning thanks to the profile claiming he's "sadistic" but I thought his would be a hotter route than Yamato's. Not that I'm disappointed but... Anyway, it will be worth your $4.99. ^^

His personality: He seems mature and such a playboy but he's really serious and childish. Hold your ground and tease him back 'wink' 'wink' 'nudge' 'nudge'

Your choices:
  1. Of course!
  2. I can't.
  3. Pretend to listen.
  4. Yell "Idiot!"
  5. They're right over here.
  6. Kiss him on the forehead.
  7. It's more stimulating than fun.
  8. I was moved to tears
  9. White blouse and black mini skirt
  10. Ask why is he naked.
  11. Explain it's not pleasureful
  12. About a potential job
  13. Say, "You're great just the way you are."
  14. He surprises me.
  15. This is important to me.
  16. I want to do anything I can for him.
  17. Hold his hand.
  18. Maybe both.
  19. You're more important to me right now.
  20. Scold him.
  21. About my family.
  22. Hold him.
  23. I'm happy to be of help.
  24. Because you're always teasing me.
  25. Freeze and don't say anything.
  26. Takamasa just isn't being honest.
  27. Say it's not necessary.
  28. Look up into his face.




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